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IXDA Awards Brand & Identity

Working together with the IXDA Awards communications team for the awards year 2021. My responsibility was creating this years brand identity, focusing specifically on illustrations and graphics. 


Graphic Design






Each year, IXDA holds an awards ceremony. These awards have new branding identity every year. The font and logo is not part of the branding updates and base colors were derived from the IXDA conference branding. The focus area for this project was the illustrative and graphical elements that would be used on the website and social media. 

Design Solution

I decided to play around with the combination of geometric shapes for the IXDA Awards brand identity. The look and feel was intended to be bold and complement the IXDA Conference website. For flexibility I created a set of reusable shapes that could be mixed and matched by the Communication team themselves.

With the reusable shapes I designed several different templates that could be used communication and other social media such as, Instagram, Youtube and the website. With these new assets the Communications team could easily play around with colors and composition autonomously.

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